Welcome to TheFakeWorld's Donation Store!

Purchases and Payments:

Before finalizing a purchase, make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username as we are unable to transfer packages to different users. Once payment has been completed most customers receive their items in-game within 10 minutes. If you are unable to get on the server you'll receive your items the next time you log in (even if this is 1 week later). If you do not receive your orders contact our support email (see below).

Customer Issues:

If you have any problems or queries with purchases, please don't hesitate to contact support@thefakeworld.net! You should receive a response within 3 working days.


Any attempt to charge back or revoke a donation will result in an instant Permanent IP ban from our network. This could also result in legal troubles when coming to donate to another server/network in the future.

What the donations are used for:

All donations made to TheFakeWorld are used in keeping the server up and running. It is also used to develop our website, domain and file servers to keep the maximum uptime and high quality up-keep for all the servers that we provide. We use all the money towards to server, no money is used for the personal lives of the owner or admin team.


Donating to us shows that you appreciate our project and want to keep it running, Everyone in the staff team works for free and donating even a small amount would show us that you are still passionate about our server and it will allow us to strive forward to give you an even better player experience than before.



TheFakeWorld is not affiliated with Mojang Studios in any way. Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang Studios.